More reach of OTT video services


  • Finland is unusual in having unlimited-use packages for smartphones which has caused a steady decline in fixed line subscriptions as consumers use just 4G. This has caused a growing load on the 4G network and under-use of the fixed lines.
  • ~15% of Finnish people live in sparsely populated areas where DSL access does not provide the required speed to support OTT video services such as Ice hockey games, the most popular sport in the country

How we solve it

Telia Finland offers hybrid broadband packages that deliver Internet speeds up to 100Mbps allowing costumers to watch Ice hockey games up to 4K. Tessares has implemented its software into a Telia Hybrid CPE (that can connect to the wired network and 4G at the same time)


  • The operator managed to reverse the negative trend. 2 quarters after launch, the number of fixed broadband customers grew by 3% (+15K net adds)
  • TV ARPU increased by 10% compared to the previous quarter