Contributing to the Internet of tomorrow, now

Our history

Tessares, a spin-off from the UCLouvain, was founded in March 2015 by Prof. Olivier Bonaventure, head of the laboratory in which the research on Multipath TCP (MPTCP) was conducted, Sébastien Barré and Gregory Detal two senior researchers who contributed most to the development of the prototype, and Denis Périquet who brings a wealth of industry experience from the telecom world and SOPARTEC.

Our values


We develop quality software, compliant with the highest industry standards. As a spin-off from a university, we stay connected with the latest developments in research.

Within the company, we encourage autonomy. To our customers, we offer enhanced freedom with our highly flexible Internet access technology.

We like continuous movement, continuous improvement. For this, we have adopted agile development methodologies.

We believe that mutual respect and great working conditions (including quality espresso) entail a spontaneous individual commitment, better results and delighted customers.

Our team

Olivier Bonaventure

Co-Founder, Technology Advisor & Professor at UCLouvain

Sébastien Barré

Co-Founder & COO

Grégory Detal

Co-Founder & CTO

Denis Périquet

Co-Founder & CEO

Marc Coppens

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Liebmann

Sales Manager

Drazen Vitez

Sales Manager

Matthieu Baerts

R&D Engineer

Lionel Hubaut

QA Engineer

Charlotte Leonetti

Office Manager

Tim Froidcoeur

Delivery & Support Technical Lead

David Verbeiren

Senior R&D Engineer

Graham Turnbull

Marketing & Product Manager

Thibault Gérondal

R&D Engineer

Hugues Van Peteghem

Project Manager

Halit Sakca

Customer Support Manager

Raphaël Bauduin

Senior R&D Engineer

Timothée Boucher-Lambert

Software Engineer

Gregory Vander Shueren

R&D Engineer

Nicolas Keukeleire

Product Manager & QA Engineer

Benjamin Hesmans

R&D Engineer

Christophe Aubry

IT Manager

Nathan Atta

QA Engineer

Pierre Ortegat

R&D Engineer