Hybrid access solution

Higher Internet speeds by aggregating two or more paths

Fixed & wireless bonding: at residential or business gateway level to boost bandwidth

Combine your existing access network assets into a single pipe to offer more speed.

Neither the end-user devices (smartphone, laptop, etc), nor the access networks (fixed or cellular), nor the Internet applications / servers need to be modified.

Here are the two main components of the solution

CPE software

The Tessares Bonding Agents are deployed on the residential or business gateway / access

About Tessares Bonding Agent

HAG software


The Tessares Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG) is deployed on bare metal servers or standard servers in an NFV environment in the operator’s data centre.

About HAG software

Video: give a boost to your copper lines with Hybrid Access Solution!

More Speed, more Reach, more Reliably

Increasing the reach of mutli-play

Competing more effectively with cable speeds (speed wars)

Meeting requirements for minimum speeds in rural areas

Improved & Invisible resilience, delivering session survival

Efficient Use of Assets

Fill least costly network first

Aggregated bandwidth limiting