Tessares improves video calling

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Video calling is more important than ever but a fast and stable connection is required in both directions.

Tessares improves video calling

Two laptops capturing the same video call. The Regular Video call is the customer experience with insufficient upstream bandwidth, the Enhanced Video call where the upstream is sent over the mobile network.


Customers on ADSL connections usually have upload speeds of around 0.8 Mbps but video calls require about 2 Mbps in both directions. Customers on ADSL are not the only ones impacted as VDSL speeds are impacted by distance from the street cabinet. 

Tessares Hybrid Access is based on MPTCP which allows TCP to be conveyed over multiple physical paths accelerating many kinds of traffic: web browsing, file transfers and OTT video streaming. Video conferencing uses UDP by default and so this is usually only conveyed over the primary path. In the case of ADSL or long line VDSL, not enough upstream bandwidth will be available for a video call. Other users of the home network can further exacerbate the problem.


How Tessares Improves Video Calling

Tessares solves this problem in two simple ways:

  1. We can force video calls to use TCP using well documented port blocking mechanisms
  2. We can send the downstream part of the call over the fixed network and the upload part over the mobile network

Recently we have been demonstrating this capability to several of our operator customers and they are always amazed at the difference that these simple changes can make.

In the video you can see part of the demonstration. On the left hand side we have an ADSL connection which has been impacted by a file download and a simultaneous video call. This is really the worst case scenario. On the right side we can simultaneously see the same scene but in this case the upstream part of the call  is transmitted over the mobile network. 

Tessares Hybrid Access improves video and audio quality which is important for WFH.

If you are an operator wanting to combine your fixed and mobile network assets, contact us for more information.

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