Tessares 5G Hybrid Access achieves cost-efficient fiber-like speed on Proximus’ network

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Tessares 5G Hybrid Access combined Proximus’ 5G radio and fixed networks for the first time, supercharging a 70 Mbps DSL line to 550 Mbps using 5G.

Proximus Towers in Brussels, Belgium

Belgique – Bruxelles – Tours Belgacom rebaptisées Tours Proximus” by emDee is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


  • Tessares’ commercially proven hybrid access software has been integrated into a Sagemcom F5901 outdoor 5G router
  • By offloading up to 86% of 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)  traffic to the fixed network, 5G Hybrid Access can support 5-7 more FWA subscribers with the same radio network investment
  • 5G Hybrid Access provides a more energy efficient alternative to 5G FWA
  • With speeds comparable to fiber, 5G hybrid access will bring extremely fast speeds to places where fiber is not yet available.
  • The Tessares solution, in combination with the F5901 router, is capable of reaching even higher speeds when aggregating faster DSL and 5G networks.


Tessares is proud to announce that for the first time they have combined live 5G and fixed access networks at Proximus’ headquarters in Brussels. A DSL line synchronised at 70 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up was boosted to 550 Mbps down (see chart below) and 60 Mbps up. Operators who are deploying 5G Hybrid Access can therefore deliver fiber-like speeds now, in those areas waiting for fiber or where fiber is not economically feasible. 


Chart showing results of combining 5G with VDSL in a speed test at Proximus Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Figure 1 – Speed test result when combining Proximus 5G radio with DSL network. 550 Mbps was achieved and sustained.


5G Hybrid Access can support 5-7 times the number of FWA subscribers with the same radio network investment. This is achieved by offloading an estimated 86% of traffic that would otherwise be transmitted over the 5G radio network. Given that a typical  FWA user may use 100 times more capacity than a mobile user, 5G Hybrid Access produces  significant savings in both capacity investment and energy consumption.

Tessares achieved this milestone by integrating their Hybrid Access software solution on a Sagemcom 5G outdoor router. Proximus’ current DSL residential gateway provided the fixed network connectivity, while Tessares’ production hybrid aggregation gateway (HAG) in the Proximus network provided the termination point for both networks.

Tessares’ 5G Hybrid Access solution enables operators to provide better speed and services  to customers, without the wait for fiber or the network costs of 5G FWA.


“While fiber roll-outs are well on track in many countries, not everyone will benefit right away. Combining 5G and fixed access networks is a cost and energy efficient alternative to FWA which allows operators to deliver a significantly improved user experience today to those in need of more speed and services. We are very proud to have achieved this milestone.”

Denis Périquet, CEO of Tessares


Contact us for more information or better yet, come and visit us at Network X in Amsterdam, October 18-20, 2022 Booth G16 in the 5G World Area.


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