CPE Software


Tessares provides software for CPEs to enable aggregation based on Multipath TCP. The CPE-side software has to be coupled with a Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG).


● Flexibility. Tessares is a company based on agile principles and aims to be as flexible as possible when it comes to integration and deployments.


● Reuse existing CPE assets. Tessares has different deployment options, that allow ISPs to reuse CPEs already deployed in the field (see Two-box options)


● Hardware agnostic. Tessares bonding software is based on MPTCP Linux kernel implementation, allowing integration with most CPEs with Linux based firmware.


● Standardized. Tessares bonding software is compliant with Broadband Forum standards (TR-348 and WT-378) for the MPTCP based hybrid access.


Tessares Software Agents

Tessares has two software agents, the first one being for the aggregation on the CPE, and the second one being a companion needed in certain deployments.

Bonding Agent

The Bonding Agent (BA) is the main software responsible for aggregation. It is a TCP ⇆ MPTCP proxy that creates 2 MPTCP connections based on a single TCP connection between the CPE and the operator’s data centre. The BA has access to two interfaces towards the two different access networks, directly, or through another box.


Redirection Agent

The Redirection Agent (RA) is an additional component that is required for a two-box deployment where the clients are not connected to the gateway running the Bonding Agent. It is a set of routing rules that redirect traffic from one access network to the BA then get it back aggregated for the clients.


Deployment Options

Tessares demonstrates its agility by proposing three different deployment options for CPEs. The three combinations of the two software agents can cope with most CPE setups.



Hybrid CPEs are now available with dual connectivity, using a cellular connection for walk out working and backup. Integrating a Bonding Agent aggregates the speed from both access networks.

  • Hybrid CPE with dual connectivity (DSL & LTE)
  • Bonding Agent integrated on the Hybrid CPE
  • Compatible with walk out working
  • Compatible with backup



The two-box deployment is based on having a DSL RG and an LTE GW, each with connectivity to their access network. The Tessares bonding agent runs on one of the two boxes.

  • Reuse deployed gateways
  • Place 4G/5G gateway to maximise coverage
  • Connect both boxes with an Ethernet cable

Two-box Option A:
Only BA

  • Bonding Agent integrated on the DSL RG
  • Clients are connected to the DSL RG
  • LTE GW is off the shelf
  • Compatible with walk out working
  • Compatible with backup

Two-box Option B:

  • Bonding Agent integrated on the LTE GW
  • Clients are connected to the DSL RG
  • Redirection Agent integrated on the DSL RG
  • Compatible with walk out working
  • Compatible with backup