Integrating MPTCP in the mainline Linux Kernel


The Tessares founders were among the key developers of the open-source implementation of Multipath TCP in the Linux kernel that is available from This implementation is considered by the IETF as the reference implementation of Multipath TCP, but it is not included in the mainline Linux kernel. Tessares contributes to the maintenance of this implementation and ports the bug fixes to different kernel versions.

New open-source MPTCP version built by Tessares is available here:
(last version based on a v4.9.x kernel because we recently switched to v4.14.x on master)

Note that there is also a new v0.94.3 version based on a v4.14.x kernel:

Engineers from Tessares, Apple, Intel, RedHat are actively developing a new Multipath TCP implementation that will eventually be merged in the mainline Linux kernel. You can follow this ongoing development on and through

The key developers meet every week and their minutes are available from

Contributors from Tessares: Matthieu Baerts & Benjamin Hesmans
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