MPTCP Upstream Project


MPTCP is currently used in a custom Linux Kernel. Enabling MPTCP in the mainline Linux Kernel is an ongoing effort of the MPTCP community and the recent patch publication (available here) constitutes an important step for such integration.

This version is not yet as complete as the community supported version, but it clearly indicates a path towards the adoption of Multipath TCP as an official feature of a forthcoming Linux version 5.x.

If you would like to know more about this MPTCP upstreaming project, get the deck presented by Mat Martineau (intel) & Matthieu Baerts (Tessares) at Linux Plumbers Conference in Lisbonne in September 2019: slideshare

Credit photo: David Miller – On the picture: Mat Martineau (on the left) & Matthieu Baerts (on the right)

Any questions? Send an email at

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