Path Manager

More Speed with More Control – Rules based aggregation

Bonding enables numerous use cases:

  • enlarged geographic reach for your Consumer multi-play and Enterprise Internet offers,
  • increased speed in rural/challenged/marginal locations,
  • improved resilience/customer experience,
  • increased high-end speed v competitors (speed wars),
  • premium VoD,
  • premium cloud upload, then download,
  • DSL outage detection & notification via LTE channel,

It is clear from this list that each use case applies to a different customer/target segment and therefore addressing each use case requires a specified behavior pattern in order to comply with business objectives and technical constraints.

Path Manager is a flexible rules engine which controls bonding behaviour in real time, based on your network & business rules. Bandwidth can be flexibly controlled based on chosen scenarios or policies.For instance:

  • Maximise speed by combining all the available links to create either a permanent capability or temporary boost.
  • Minimise cost (e.g. fill xDSL path first and then overflow to the more costly LTE network).
  • Per service enablement (e.g. no boost for P2P applications), blacklisting or whitelisting.
  • Upload-only boosting


With Path Manager, the load distribution can be defined and controlled by the operator based on business drivers, technical drivers or a combination of both. Path Manager also controls the behaviour of UDP when in Hybrid access mode and its control can be applied to both xDSL+LTE & xDSL+WiFi (mobile devices).

Path Manager