Hybrid Access Solution

Give an LTE/4G boost to your DSL network

More Speed, more Reach, more Reliably

Dramatically improve customer experience without touching your network!


By combining your DSL and LTE network assets together, you will be able to offer a better residential or business service to more customers!

By increasing the speed to inadequately served customers you will be able to offer a Consumer multi-play service bundle, including TV (or even HD TV), where it is currently unavailable, and enhance your offer to Enterprises suffering a marginal service. This naturally addresses the EU Digital Agenda, i.e. offer min 30 Mbps to all households by 2020.

To those who are already well served in terms of speed, you will be able to offer similar bandwidth to your cable competitors.

DSL + LTE bonding: at residential or business gateway level to boost bandwidth


In order to aggregate the bandwidth of the DSL network with that of the LTE network:

  • The Tessares Agent (software) is deployed on the home or business gateway / access point which becomes an Hybrid CPE (HCPE),
  • The Tessares Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG) is deployed in the datacenter of the service provider.

Neither the end-user devices (smartphone, laptop, etc), nor the access networks (fixed or cellular), nor the Internet applications/servers need to be modified.

More important, most existing home & business gateways already deployed in the field can be reused.

High performance on existing gateways

On existing home gateways, an aggregated speed of more than 100Mbps has been achieved by bonding together a DSL link at 70Mbps and a LTE link at 40Mbps.