IT Manager


As an IT Manager, you will lead and execute the IT operations of our company, based on our IT roadmap. This includes implementing IT needs, planning important security measures and actions (applying security patches, periodic backup checks, etc.), contributing to our IT roadmap by using your knowledge of the field, and keeping us to the highest standards of quality in relation with security, IT automation and services, VPN and cloud management. You will maintain existing services, deploy new ones and manage our servers infrastructure. You will be part of the Operations department, but your work will be critical for everyone in the company (R&D, Quality Assurance as well as customer facing services).

We strive to work efficiently and keep at the highest levels of excellence. With you, we have the ambition to even get to the next level of IT excellence !

Given Tessares heavily relies on IT systems and services, your role will be central to many of our activities. You will be delighted to offer and design a great development structure, also caring about maintenance and finding solutions to minimize downtime, security risks, functional issues.

In that mission, Tessares will help you with the following assets :

  • The team : As part of the Operations department, you will participate in a continuous feedback loop (peer reviewing, Agile Kanban approach, etc.).
  • The Environment : You will be part of a very flexible environment, with a lot of space for creativity,and opportunities to work with complex and interesting IT tools and systems.
  • The ecosystem : You will be in contact with many operators and CPE vendors, with great opportunities for learning and get vision on the global picture.
  • Yourself : As a recent start-up, we will be eager to receive input from you and strive to reach ever more ambitious objectives. Together.

Useful knowledge you have

We all need to be fluent in English, both written and spoken. For your field especially, a very high sense of documentation will be an absolute requirement. Your IT experience allows you to ensure continuous operation of our servers and services, with minimum and mostly only planned downtime. You will be open to look for and learn new technologies. For IT development, it will be considered a plus if you are familiar with at least part of the following technologies :

  • server management (security, maintenance, updates, etc.),
  • third-party application management: we use a number of self-hosted third-party applications,
  • IT security,
  • virtualization/Isolation environments (e.g. vmware, kvm, docker, namespaces),
  • Ansible or similar,
  • test automation,
  • scripting languages (e.g. Bash, Python),
  • version control systems (e.g. git),
  • Linux, CentOS, Redhat (we mostly rely on Linux based IT solutions),
  • network management, VPN solutions,
  • vsphere.

Do you feel Tessares compatible ?

In a start up, it is important that the team has cohesion, with each collaborator nicely complementing others, while still sharing Company values. We also decided to adopt an agile framework (with continuous integration, automated testing, peer reviews). You will have frequent interactions with other specialists, and will enjoy varied activities. Our customers will be in Europe and outside of Europe, you will have the opportunity to meet them to better understand their needs. You won’t be strictly confined into your role, and will have the opportunity to move within the company as it grows and your interests evolve.


In addition to providing a motivating working environment, we offer an attracting salary package in accordance with your seniority level.

After some time with us, you may even receive stock options, so that you can get your share of Tessares success !

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