Tessares | Hybrid Access Networks with MPTCP

Our focus

The efficient combining of available Access Networks – via any combination of xDSL, LTE, cable and WiFi – to improve the Internet experience, delivering more speed, more reach, more reliably. Tessares solution builds upon a new Internet protocol standardized by the IETF: Multipath TCP (MPTCP).
More Speed

The bandwidth available for the consumer is roughly the sum of the bandwidth of the bonded access networks.

More Mobility

Switching (hopping) from one access network to another becomes extremely fluid as access networks are used simultaneously.

More Resilience

Internet access no longer relies on the availability of one access network and can continue even in the case of outages on a network.

More Security

As data can be distributed over independent access networks, it will be more complex for a malicious entity to capture the entire content.

Want to give an LTE boost to your DSL network? More Speed, more Reach, more Reliably?

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