Faster internet speed

Reduce churn by increasing customer satisfaction with the service .

Short deployment

Compared to large fixed network projects, our Hybrid Access solution can be deployed in approximately
6 months.


Reuse of your existing gateways. Neither the access networks (fixed or cellular), nor the Internet applications need to be modified.

For Internet Service Providers wishing to efficiently combine their Access Networks – any combination of xDSL, LTE, cable and WiFi – and so improve their customer’s Internet experience, delivering more speed, more reach and more reliablity.
Tessares offers a software-only solution on various residential Gateway platforms and generic servers which utilises and enhances the new  Internet protocol standardized by the IETF : Multipath TCP (MPTCP).
In some situations, fiber may not make economic sense, while 4G-only does not deliver a fixed ‘customer experience’, therefore this Hybrid Access Solution can be a viable alternative.








Dramatically improve your Internet customer experience
without touching your network!

  • Walk-out-working and backup 

  • Increase reach of multiple-play

  • Comply with digital agendas



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